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What is up - nothing but problems

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Some of your issues - I'd recommend a full and proper reset UI, Klinkster.

The attack this morning - our techs are on it.

To do a full reset UI, you will want to save your addons in another spot if you wish to preserve them.

Then rename/delete or move your WTF, Cache and Interface folders while WoW is shutdown. Rebooting your system is optional, but personally, I usually go ahead and do it.

Note, if you are running Vista or Windows 7 make sure your permissions are set so it does not undo your changes. Also, if you run any type of auto-updater for addons, make sure it is disabled before this procedure and any addons you may readd are Legion compatible.

More detailed instructions for different operating systems, including Macs are here.

While a full reset UI may not cure all ills, it is an extremely valuable trouble-shooting step even if it doesn't resolve the issue at hand.

Ok for that last 6 weeks I have:

1) Constantly been put back in combat after looting... it happens about every 3-5 minutes and lasts 5-7 seconds (yes, I have done it all, even deleted and reinstalled the game)
2) Each and every login I have to remove my hands and put them back on to make the mining enchant work... Come on that cant be that f'in tough to fix.
3) Seems like each week there is another ddos attack or at least that is what my latency is being blamed on...

Very aggro'd right now