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Court of the Archlich Skins and Bundle Available Now!

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Join the Scourge in undying servitude with the new Court of the Archlich bundle and skins that entered the Nexus with our ! Check out the bundle below, and then head to the Featured tab in your Collection to pick up anything that catches your eye.Bring a taste of the cold dark to all who oppose you on the battlefield with a frigid set of new skins: Wield unrelenting fervor and unholy strength as Death Knight Sonya, watch devastation unfold as the Swarm and the Scourge team up as Crypt Queen Zagara, and freeze your foes where they stand as Dreadlord Jaina.The Court of the Archlich bundle can be purchased using Gems, but move quickly! The bundle is set to march out of the Nexus on Tuesday, September 19. If you'd prefer to pick up the skins individually, you can do so by forging them with Shards, or opening them in Loot Chests.