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Next Balance Update

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First, we'd like to thank everyone for the great discussions over the weekend. After seeing your feedback, we reconsidered some of our changes as there were many great points which you all presented.

Hydralisk (and Colossus)
We agree that upgrading the Colossi might not be the best idea, since the issue we're trying to solve is specifically with Hydralisk strength. Therefore, we agree with potentially reverting the Hydralisk range back to 6, and exploring a different option such as increasing the health of Hydralisks or decreasing their cost. So the direction here would be to first revert the range change, see how Hydralisks function, then discuss a buff where needed.

Quantity of Protoss Abilities
We also agree with the feedback regarding the number of abilities on the Protoss side, and we'd like to take steps improve it. The goal here isn't to solve everything at once, but to go in steps.

We're thinking of two changes for this first step.

First, we could remove the Tempest's ability since it's not working out well. To compensate, we'd increase the AG range to 10 and also increase the AG damage so that the interaction with Tempests trying to kill ground units vs. ground units getting shots off on the Tempest is more interesting than it was in HotS.

Second, we'd target a small change with the Immortal. We believe an active ability is definitely not needed on the Immortal. The change would remove the manual-cast from Barrier, turning it into a passive ability. This would make it so that the micro is focused more on positioning your units so the shield soaks up as much as possible and vulnerable immortals are rescued. We can reduce the cooldown of this ability to compensate and so that Protoss players can play more strategically with the Immortal.

Mech and Blinding Cloud
We'd also like to first start with a reduction in Blinding Cloud duration to help out the Mech case in TvZ. We have gotten some feedback in this area and agree that because mobile units are mostly able to move out of Blinding Clouds asap anyways, this sort of a change will mostly only affect immobile units such as the Siege Tank.

Patching Updates
So what does this mean for this week's balance patch? We definitely can't release the patch tomorrow like we've planned, because we still want to take the time to double check these new changes with all of you, and also to test these changes further internally. We'll focus heavily on our end to gather feedback and to playtest today and tomorrow, and aim to patch later this week if both sides go smoothly.

Let's get discussions going fast on these few topics today! Thank you!