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Co-Op Missions Update - 11/28

Written by
David Sum:
Hi Everyone!

We wanted to address some recent concerns that have been shared on the forums lately.

Alarak Ascendants
We needed to change the visual effects of his Psi Orb because it was causing performance problems. For example, if you cast 6 of these on just 40 Zerglings it would create 240 lighting zap effects! By using the new visual effects we were able to maintain its power while solving the performance issue. We did not nerf the damage or prevent the ability from stacking or reduce the number of targets it hits. If we had intentionally nerfed the spell, we would share that with you in the patch notes. If you guys discover any bugs please post them in the Bug Report section of the forums.

Nova’s Goliaths
Sorry for the confusion around the patch notes. It was never intended for Nova’s Goliaths to permanently stun lock heroic enemies. It was simply a mistake on our part when we created this ability. Stuns generally do not work on heroic enemies or special boss units. Vorazun’s Time Stop and Black Hole are exceptions. Even slow effects have a lesser effect on heroic units. We discovered this bug and fixed it internally before anyone found it live or posted on the forums. So don’t worry! It wasn’t because people were complaining about it. This ability it is still crazy strong!

Karax’s Unity Barrier
The tooltip seems to currently be bugged. It is still granting 10 extra shields, not 0. As far as the refreshing aspect, we’ve heard feedback from players that this ability was not as exciting as it could be so we’ve been experimenting with a few changes, such as having it refresh after 5 minutes. We are not super confident that the change was enough and we are still looking at the best buff or redesign we can apply to this level 15 unlock. Until we come up with a solution, we’ve changed it back to its original functionality.

Our goal with leaderboards is to give players a personal bench mark to compete against. If you’re looking for some additional difficulty or challenge you can try to earn a high score and compare your scores with your friends. We understand and share the concern that creating this feature may lead to unnecessary balance nerfs or create hostility in match making and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Currently the plan is you and your partner have a shared score when completing a mission so you won’t be competing with each other. The number of enemies killed or friendly units lost will never be a factor in the high score. We want the scoring system to make sense for every commander so, generally speaking, it will be mostly based on how fast you can take down objectives. There are still many details to be worked out but we just wanted to let you know that we share these concerns as well and we’re working on finding the best solution.

Balance Changes & Bug Fixing
We’re pretty happy with where things are at the moment with balance. As you can see from the most recent patch notes, the only thing we changed was reducing armor on rocks from 3 to 0. One of our design values is to fix bugs when we find them for quality, consistency, and clarity. For example, Alarak’s Structure Overcharge was never meant to be useable on Creep Tumors. We view this as a bug fix and not a nerf. If fixing this bug created a huge swing in power, we would have explored some balance changes to compensate. We felt this change seemed to be a safe fix that did not have a significant impact on Alarak’s balance. I do think that some changes listed under the bug section of the patch notes could be surfaced up to the Co-op section for better visibility like we have done in the past. Example: Nova’s Railgun Turrets now doing the correct amount of damage.

Keep the feedback coming.

David Sum